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it is going back to how they handled the letterman leno changeover. it is not even the same management. dennis: the son of a legendary broadcaster. steve burt has a real problem on his hands. the today show is a half a billion dollar a year business. you have this with devastating cover story in new york magazine . it reports that lower himself may go over and pervasive alec trebek. and curry got blamed for this. you have to see what they will do to fix the problems. dagen: i can't wait to see how many bodies end up under that bus. dennis: can not survive? dagen: i do not know. dennis: likability is the single most important currency in early morning. dagen: thank you. dennis kneale. going back to nicole petallides at the new york stock exchange with blackberry. a surprise today. a good one, in fact. nicole: blackberry and five below. here is a look at blackberry. the sales that they have been seeing -- they have that million unit order. you see the stock with an up arrow. let's take a look at philadelphia five below. it is a discount store. very favorable with the teams. margin edge downward.
: if it were a conservative kid. dennis miller or sean hannity, they would be burned alive. their offspring can't get away with stuff that destroys careers. luckily for sean, he didn't have career but he will get one soon because his dad is sean penn. oh, hollywood where they can call a black men the "n" word and charlton heston is mocked by a canadian comic, hollywood must all be racist clinging to your latees and priuses. >> you know what, dana, like to saying these words. they rolled out of him. >> i thought his excuse was be his character. he was performing for a roll. the thing that bothers me, too, is that the apology is backhanded apology. he basically then -- he made an excuse for it by saying, i was accosted. >> greg: no, he wasn't. you weren't treated like an animal. eric, you have a 14-year-old son. you would be vilified. >> eric: oh, yeah. you know why if he said something like that, he probably heard it at home and he felt comfortable saying it. this is hypothetical, my point is, sean penn's son said it because he said it before. he heard sean penn say it in the past. you are a pro
is on the mooch. >> dennis miller on forced government cutbacks and an outrageous ad by the ford motor company. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. more financial madness in the u.s.a. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. factor viewer dave nichols. who lives in okeechobee, florida believes that california will be america's cyprus and he might be right. the golden state currently owes a whopping $164 billion, which it can never, never repay without selling san francisco to beijing. so, when california eventually defaults on its massive debt, which it will. the spector of state officials seizing private property might not be all that crazy. right now the good folks who live in california paying the highest taxes in the nation. 21% when you add the state income tax to the state sales tax. and the financial madness in california is epitomized by the case of 63-year-old susan muranishi highest paid administrator in the state perhaps the nation making an astowntding $424,
the way up to the hill. dennis kern told us "we agree with you. this trail needs to be removed from our park land". rec and park crews tried a couple of times to discourage the use of trails and cutting tree lumps and on the trail and it got worse. debris was scattered and homeless were there and we reported the mess to the new manager and we was helpful and finally came word for a meeting for park users and indeed a statement from rec and park management. without a formal transparent process "i am looking forward to a open and community wide discussion how we can improve the trail" and why have a meeting if rec and park is opposed to our position. and that's what we recommend to you. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> [calling speaker names] if you could come up please. gene. >> gene. >> i'm little hard of hearing. >> and could you speak into the mic. >> oh okay. i am jean calling and a member of beacon street for 30 years or more. i oppose -- i am on the record of opposing any development of that unauthorized trail in the area at issue, and the reasons why i oppose
a first class law library, thank you. >> good morning honor board members my name is dennis rice. i have been a lawyer here in the city since 1959. i am not going to give you a lecture on the law. i have been a county supervisor myself. and as a matter of fact barbara and i went on the board the same day and i know that you supervisors have to rely on staff to give you the input. i just want to site one aspect of the information that you have gotten from staff. if you read all of the materials that have been furnished to the board, you would get the impression that city and county's real estate company found the property at 1200 van ness and they have been by themselves secured the rights to get 22,000 or gross feet or 20,000 net feet. the real estate department had nothing to do with locating 1200 van ness and that was done by the law library. we brought in our real estate person and we are negotiating with the owner who had 22,000 gross feet, square feet on one floor and 8,000 gross square feet on another floor and had some additional square footage and wanted the law library in there.
after dennis hopper. what do you make of that some. >> dennis hopper was a great actor and a great gentleman and a great painter. he was a fantastic photo realistic painter. you should check out his paintings. it doesn't work out for a first name. i would say maybe toby or maybe buzz. >> buzz is good. >> something like that. i can only imagine what it would be like to be a kid in hollywood, let alone sean penn's kid. so i cut him some slack for that. he was prodded, and now he probably will never do it again. >> by the way, your first kid should be named buzz because that's how you make a living. >> buzz haircuts. >> no, you always have a buzz because you party. >> right, because -- well i am buzzed right now. >> if you are going to name your kid after somebody who is crazy you name them hopper. we named him popper. >> go to bed, popper. >> stay out of daddy's room. >> you can be in trouble anywhere else. like we said, there will be a hero -- >> i want to get to the next story. >> michael richards' career is over and dead because he said the n-word four times. >> good point. this k
for the stars a whole new meaning. when dennis needed extra mon he had a idea that was he started selling property. on the moon. hope says the loop mole in the united nations outer space treaty makes his business valid. so fare is cashing in, racking up $11 million. -- loophole. i have a lot ofuestions. this outer space treaty from 1967. it is from the u.n. no nation will have sovereignty or control over satellite bodies. you say there is loophole it doesn't say an individual can own the moon. am i explaining that right? >> yes, you're explaining it perfectly. melissa: you wrote a letter to the u.n. basically exessing this was your belief and you didn't hear back from them. as result you sort of took that as consent that you're right or how did you interpret at? >> well, what i sent them was a declaration of ownership for the lunar earthnd eight plan etc. of the moon. i would subdivide anybody from wanted it. if they had a legal problem to let me know. i know they wouldn't respond to me because the language in the outer space treaty. they didn't have any legal right to tell me i couldn't
behind it anymore. i'm sorry. let's go to dennis in virginia. dennis? >> caller: big blue ridge boo-yah to ya, jim. >> sweet. >> caller: i'd like to get your take on amd. >> no, we've got intel that's basing here. i'd rather be in that than amd and they're competitors and i don't like that. let's go to chris in arizona. chris? >> caller: hey, jim, big tucson boo-yah. >> hey, not far from where i'm from, my friend david faber. excellent, what's going on? >> caller: i want to ask you about chevron now they're trading at all-time highs, do you think that company has a chance of maybe doing a split? >> i don't know if they'll split. i do know they're doing a terrific job and chevron is good to go. do not sell that stock. let's go to gabriel in texas. gabriel? >> caller: boo-yah, jim cramer from dallas, texas. hey, i want to ask you about goldman sachs, 11 points down from the 52-week high. >> i think we answered the question about what to do with goldman sachs when warren buffett decided to become a gigantic shareholder. you want to invest alongside warren buffett. it's going to be a go
we need to go. >> gm reggie mckenzie and head coach dennis allen may have to wait a few years from fielding a competitive team. today releasing tommy kelly this, move frees up 6.5 million in space for 2013. the 32-year-old had a combined 14.5 sacks but only one last year, we used to say he's too old making too much money. a's right fielder had his best year as a pro last year. 32 home runs and 82 rbi. 15 assists and led the team with post game pies in the face. >> this will be tough. hopefully playing the game hard and keep my mind right z good things goring to happen. this is not too much thought going through it. >> what do you work on? >> maybe trying to folk ous yus on going the opposite way just trying to quit going pool happy. >> manager of the year this year. >> i do. i enjoyed it. and he keeps us under a strict watch. he let's personality run wild and it showed last year. and he's talkative. >> still getting used to that caveman look on josh. jared parker gave up three home runs. giants beat arizona today. he had six k's and brandon bell had four in the last four games. and
in your chambers, my first time speaking to you. buff i felt passionate enough to come, my name is dennis nava and i am just a joe citizen, a native san franciscoan, and when i found out that the public law library was having issues it really astounded me. i recently because i had questions, and was unable to afford an aattorney, had made use of the public libraries actually several entities in san francisco, which are now finding are no longer available to the public. the market street location has been closed from last march from my understanding and hasting is no longer allowing the public to use the public library and to believe that the city that hosts the 9th kir circuit is not going to have a public library available to look at laws that are governing just astounded me. so i am listening to these attorneys and these para legals and i am like wow, if we are having problems who am i to stand here and say look is this something that no one else is seeing? this should be our constitutional right, our legal accessibility to look at these laws, whether i have a computer or not. (inaudibl
. from td ameritrade. >> i'm dennis kneale with your fox business brief. united airlines ceo is crediting the airline mergers for making airlines profitable. speaking at an aviation conference united ceo jeff smisek said mergers brought rationality to the aviation industry. too many airlines have been chasing too few passengers. >>> boeing ceo jim mcinerney says the company is, quote, very close to getting the 787 dreamliner back into the air. mcinerney said it will be sooner rather than later. he is confident the redesigned battery fix being tested will satisfy the faa. >>> and food stamp enrollment continues to climb in the u.s. close to 50 million americans enrolled in the supplemental nutrition assistance program as of december. that is up 70% since 2008. 15% of americans now using food stamps, costing almost $75 billion a year. that is the latest from fox biz, giving you the power to prosper adam: charlie gasparino says people on wall street are hawking what they say is sure pet to double your money. should you listen to all of the hype? charlie is here to answer that question. >> th
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some of the times at olive garden out back and denny's had more calories than they were claiming on the menus. out back's chicken on the barbie listed 401 but it has 511. >> grandma getting cut off. a phone company is threatening to end 72-year-old eileen henry's service. comcast claims she votes for her favorite american idol contestants too much. >> i have got it down to a science now. instead of counting the calls i keep hitting redial i timed it i get about 50 calls in in 10 minutes. >> it is a lot of calls that's her choice. comcast advertises their digital voice service as unlimited. it doesn't say unlimited unless you call american idol and you vote 10,000 times. >> comcast issued a statement saying in part we apologize for our error and we will work with her to assure that her service continues. that is your 5@5:30. >> i love that story. she has it down to a science. >> i don't think she is alone either. >> the supreme court justices seem to be as divided as the country on the same-sex marriage issue. on the second day of arguments they question the legality of the defens
councilman dennis zine. councilman, to those authorities like the riverside police department who say the reward money will not be paid because the conditions were not met, what do you say? >> i say we're deceiving the public. we can't promise something and then not deliver. and the question is, if we make a promise, make a commitment, let's deliver that. there's a matter of credibility, a matter of integrity, honesty, transparency. in los angeles, we're going to deliver whomever is entitled to that reward. it's being investigated by the robbery homicide of the lapd. when it comes to us, we will deliver what we promised to deliver. >> john, do you think somebody deserves that reward? >> no, i don't think anybody deserves this reward as it was constructed. what you're looking for when you offer a reward of that size is you're looking for the cousin who is going to say i'm going to give up my cousin. you're looking for the guy who helped him hide out who is willing to sell him out. you're looking for the alert citizen who spotted the license plate or saw him in line at the deli. in one
at here. -- dennis year. they were entertaining people looking to find things in the city. she had a very nice things. of higher as a country lady, she was not that exactly. i think it was more about her comfort in the big cities than it was about her actual appearance. conversation with historians about rachel jackson is available on our web site. former ciaay, director and army general david petraeus address the universe to southern california in los angeles. general petraeus apologize for the extramarital affair that he says hurt his family, friends, and supporters. this is 25 minutes. [applause] >> thank you very much. thank you, good evening to you all. things for that welcome and thanks for your kind introduction. thanks for your visionary, energetic, and inspirational leadership of this great institution. a true national asset and thanks to you and your team for your wonderful efforts to demonstrate such sincere appreciation and impressive support for those who have served our country in uniform. we're all grateful to you for that. [applause] i am very pleased to be here tonight wi
or not we can get past it. >> let me talk about mitt romney for a moment. he gave an interview to dennis miller on his radio show. among other things, he said this. >> i care -- i'm very concerned about the country, to be honest, dennis. i wouldn't have gotten into this -- >> me, too. >> i'm still concerned about the country. and i keep looking for the most effective way for me to try and get the country on a course of remaining strong and powerful in terms of our values, our military, our soft power, our economy. the american people need a strong america. and so i -- i'm going to keep finding ways to keep america as strong as vibrant as possible. but that's the frustration with losing. which is, i don't have the influence obviously i could have had, had i won that election. >> does he have a role right now to play if the republican party, for pam pl? >> i'm sure that's one of many frustrations that he has. look, you cannot run for president just on a lark. donna knows this very well. i've worked on two campaigns. they are a brutal process. in order to run, you have to really care about
the bacon avocado omelette. only alyt denny's. >> the developing story that we're following is out of san jose where police say driver in a stolen car races towards an officer for and the officer opened fire. that happened on the 1800 block of almaden road just off of highway 87. kron4 will tran is at the scene with the latest. >> it looks like we have lost audio with wheel. we would try to get back with him later. >> we're also hearing from an eight year old girl was shot in the leg with an arrow while she was playing outside. nadine hairston was plane at uc-berkeley, when she was struck by and arrow piercing straight through her leg. you could see pictures of the x-ray in that their role that was taken at the hospital. nadine says, that her first reaction was in disbelief. >> let's try to up go back tilt will tran. >> we will go back to wilt and a little bit. >> a former aragon high school water polo coach will spend two years in prison for sexually assaulting someone. 25 year-old joshua tatro collapsed on the floor yesterday when he was sentenced to spend two years in state prison. ta
that is thousands of years old. it has been the uniform denni definition here. it is at risk. today in a very vigorous interaction reaching the attorneys and the justices, you can tell the justices were quite interested. you'll hear the arcane, legal arguments that were debated with the justices. if it appears now that doma while we stand for the defense of marriage as between one man and one woman, it is quite clear that the definition on the federal level is at great risk likely by 5-4. if that should happen, we have urged in our brief that this court take into consideration and explicitly guarantee the religious freedom of military chaplains, civilian chaplains who are under orders by federal authorities, as well as other clergy who are required by law to swear an oath to uphold the constitution and in this case, may in fact have the authority to solemnize marriages held in doubt. in anis a historic day argument in the court and put at risk the religious liberties of all the rice to clergy and those who are under the authority of the federal the hundredsch as of military chaplains in this
as they stay within their sphere of competence. some don't. and dennis s -- next, we will have cleaners prescribing medications while the doctors counter money. guest: ok. [laughter] -- all cutter healthcare professionals are required by law to pride is within their scope of practice. that is not new. we been doing that since there has been laws defining us in practice. nurses, physicians and nurse practitioners -- we are legally obligated to fudge and within our scope of practice. that means one of the first things we learn is what we can do and what we cannot do. so we always function within our scope legally peer we do not have a choice. -- legally. we don't have a choice. it is a different way at looking at delivering health care, although it has been around 50 years. we are not as new as the current attention to our role may suggest. we have never sought to replace, take over. we just do not need a legal requirement for another profession, medicine, or any other profession, to supervise us or oversee our practices. we are highly trained. highly educated professionals, who understan
bacon obsession with all a new menu items like the bacon avocado omelette. only alyt denny's. >> the warriors' could not avoid a let down less my coming off of monday's big win over the lakers. second quarter, andrew bogut the pick and roll with stephane currey and he throws a down on 37 to 36 kings. he then scored 12 points, 9 rebounds, four blocks. isiah thomas was out the best player on the floor tonight. thomas hthree hit seven three-pointers and rob to win a game high of 31 points. sacramento has the worst of road record in the nba but they handled the warriors' for the third time in four games this season. the final score was modified to 98 kings. >> miami's quest to break nba record for consecutive wins was ended by a chicago bulls team last night that was without four of their key players. the final score was 1 01 to 97. this in the that he its winning streak at 27, six short of the mark set by the 1972 lakers. lebraun james did his best to keep the streak going with 32 points. >> the sharks' offense came alive last night. they scored three goals in the first time i
't. dennis is next we'll have cleaners prescribing medications while the doctors count their money. >> guest: okay. all health care professionals who hold licenses are required by law to practice within their scope of practice. that is not new. we've been doing that since there've been laws defining us apart this. nurses, physicians, nurse practitioners are legally obligated to function within our scope of this. that means one of the first thing we learn is that we can do and what we cannot do. we always function within our scope legally. we don't have a choice. nurses don't have a choice. it's a different way of looking at delivering health care. although we've been around for 50 years. were not as new as the current attention to our role may suggest. we have never sought to replace, takeover. we just simply do not need a legal requirement for another profession to supervisors oversee practices. we are highly trained, highly educated professionals who understand what it means to collaborate and seeking statutory authority to practice the full extent of our license. this is supported by a ma
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)

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